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We make custom colors / orders, e-mail us @ breakingbass818@gmail.com for more info!!

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  • Hot-Color! (Shell Shock)

    Be sure to check out our new color in multiple bait styles!!!!

  • My Personal Favorite Drop-Shot bait!

    A very "match the hatch" presentation of bait.

    It gets fish hooked all year long.

  • Go-to for a Craw bite!

    Fish cant resist it!

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Hello everyone! Welcome to our online shop. My name is Steven, I am the owner and founder of Breaking Bass LLC. I have a long background in the medical field from EMT on an ambulance for years, years of pharmacy technician work at a closed door pharmacy as well as my most recent job as a transporter at Henry Mayo Newhal Hospital.

I have always wanted to start my own business. I am vary passionate about fishing and have been fishing very, very actively for over 10 years! I mainly fish Castaic lake, CA but also like to fish other fisheries both in my area, and when i travel. As we all know, fishing can get expensive, what makes that worse is when you go to the tackle shop KNOWING what works right now, only to have them not have it and no garuntees of when it comes in again. That's when the thought really started to cross my mind, "why don't i just make these so i dont have to worry about if the shop has them!" A few months and a few molds later, in August of 2021, thats exactly what i did. I, as well as my customers so far, have had tremendous results when using Breaking Bass LLC baits! Multiple 5Lb LMB have been caught this year, 2022, alone. I'm here to specialize in both, NEW, highly custom product, as well as recreating old classics! I can make just ABOUT any color you want!

So, my wish now is for you the anglers to start trying our product. We stand proud behind our baits and garuntee the highest standards of quality. So stop buying other big brand products that are "close" to what you want, order from me, get what you want everytime!

Look forward to hearing endless stories of personal best' being broken time and time again.

Tight lines all! - Steven Cortina

  • Breaking Bass LLC

    At Breaking Bass LLC we strive to give the customer what they want, when they want it. Please understand all out of stock orders will have a minimum 2 day production time. Most orders to your door within a week!!!

  • Family Memories

    Another OG customer who was rewarded with this nice fish, on a family vacation, days after recieving her first order! Very nice! We can't thank you enough for your support. Tight lines!!!

  • Catchin PIGS!!!!

    Lenden, reeling in pigs with Breaking Bass LLC Baits. Thank-You for your support Lenden!

  • Fun for everyone

    Even with the main motor blown, my whole family went out on Castaic Lake Lagoon, my mom, who never fishes, reeled in this STUD BASS, making an already good day, AMAZING!